About Me

About Ryan

In 2012, I was working at the University of Waterloo Stratford Campus in the marketing department when they asked me to make a tour video of the new building. Me, a keener, said I’d be happy to make it, but knew basically nothing about cameras at the time! So I put my head down, and researched all I could about cameras and video editing.

Over the following few years, my passion for videography grew. I shot event videos around the university, wedding videos, promotional videos for a few different companies, and dabbled in some photography. 

In 2017, when I entered the world of professional theatre, I found a new love of headshot photography. When I was shooting video, I had to stand back and watch as events unfolded. But with headshots, I get to engage more with the client. I have to snap the shot at a precise second to catch the moment between an exaggerated smile and bursting into laughter, or just as an intake of breath softens an expression to intriguing and inviting. 

It’s a challenge I’ve found for myself that brings me joy every time I pick up the camera. 

Photographer's Assistant - Jess McKay

What is her role? 
Jess will be there along the way providing assistance for both the photographer and the client to help achieve the best results. She might be holding your coffee on an outdoor shoot, fixing your hair, or making you laugh with her stupid jokes. Extra bonus! Jess will be there for any behind the scenes photography to share on social media during the shoot.

About The Shoot

Before we get down to business (to defeat the Huns), we like to have a pre-shoot chat - put the kettle on or grab a cup of coffee... I want to hear about YOU. What is inspiring you, do you have an idea of your aesthetic? What are your dreams for this shoot?

During the shoot, my aim is to make you feel as comfortable as possible as well as ensure that your vision for the shoot is realized.

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